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Saturday, April 18, 2009

more painting

It is a painting day....
I am so excited about the development, the colors, the surface, the size!!
Honestly it is hard for me to stop and prepare dinner for the family. I made it to my youngest son's lacrosse game, and enjoyed it once I got there- but putting the brush down was like pulling taffy.

Last night we practised and set up for the April 24th Slide slam at the Pawling Library. It is going to be a fun event. The artists involved are varied and inspired. Please come and join us at 7pm next Friday- each of the 8 artist have up to ten minutes to show you their work. Deborah O'Sullivan, Kate Vrijmoet, Donald Partelow, Layne Clark, Terri Ariano, ERIX, Lonna kelly and I will be doing the entertaining!
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