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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Extra! My art in the Magazine

Just saw the new edition, (May 2009, Vol.22, No.5), of the Magazine of FAIR (The media watch group). They used a painting of mine- pig pen- to illustrate a piece about pork barrel spending! My son just wrote a paper for his History of Dissent class about FAIR and how they work to keep the media from influencing prejudice and justice in several court cases. FAIR stands for fairness and accuracy in reporting. They are a small organization that works to bring to the public an awareness of any bias and untruths that get printed. Without them the giant news media's would be unharnessed to truth and accuracy. They would be able to print everything and anything without consequence. Imagine how dangerous that would be. Visit for more information and subscription inquiries.
I know these days a lot of people are cutting costs by not renewing subscriptions. FAIR and Extra! are suffering like all the publishing industries. And they don't sell ads. The stuff they bring to light is serious and humorous too. Well worth the subscription.
Finally my art landed somewhere that impresses my sons!
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