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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Inspirational sisters

6 X 6 INCHES paint and collage on panel
Some of my most self-defining moments have been caused by seeing my reflection in the eyes of my baby baby sister. We have almost a decade and a half between our ages, and that space has grown and shrunk over time. The questions she would ask, (and still asks), as well as the lessons she teaches, are never simple. She has, without meaning to, caused me to identify where I stand in terms of my spirituality, my courage, my faith, and my devotion. I know this sounds tantalizing, and it is hard to put to words... Just say there are images of visiting her lab in grad school where she soared efficiently above my intellect, her sweet eyes as she, a young kid snipped the umbilical chord after the birth of my son, the tears she shed, as a small child, in fear for my soul at the kitchen table, the imaginative narratives spoken as a toddler on the hillside overlooking the marsh. She is something else. I hope to be the person she believes I can be.
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