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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fortune Cookie Birthday Message

6x 6 inches, paint and headlines on wood panel.
Thirty years ago I celebrated my birthday by cooking an elaborate Chinese meal for a dozen of my friends. I had just finished a cooking course and was the proud recipient of a pair of knives, which I still own today! It was one of my best birthdays. I love the feeling you get when the focus is to give to others.  This year I am not as excited a culinary master, and all I have to offer are my paintings. Soon I will be sending out my "collectors choice birthday offering" newsletter. Give me your email if you want to subscribe to my newsletter.

My youngest graduates out of 8th grade and his school today. I have another meeting with a marriage counselor, dinner (and whine) with one of my sisters. It's a day of changes, pragmatism, courage and divine guidance...

Meanwhile I hope everybody has a fantastic day.
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