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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Questions for man, child, chicken

9 X 9 INCHES. This painting has been left a little bit more abstract than I intended. The source of inspiration was from a photo taken by me when I was about 32 years old. Here was my life. While I was working on it- and as I reached for the random headline to use with it, I found myself feeling a bit undone. "Gaze into the future". Who is looking- the man- the hen- the photographer? There is poetry in the answer.
I could call this, as I have other paintings  of mine, "Looking forward and looking back". 
Are we where we are supposed to be? I struggle with that question almost every day. Answers come to me and then things change and everything shifts. Why are we given an ability to ponder and wonder? Why can't we be like ants struggling for the cluster until randomly, and blindly, crushed underfoot by a giant being from a parallel universe?  Maybe we are like ants! I ask for some faith, stare at old photos, paint for hours and meanwhile, is that Life that passes me by?
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