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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last night's Flag workshop, boy flies away

Still need help with the flags- newspaper, cable Tv announcement, town board presenting, email reminders, and website listing did not get me more than 6 people last night. I have 40 of the 75 flags needed. We have a month left. Anybody interested? Anybody able to fill me in on when is a perfect time to hold a workshop? I have held them, four of them so far, in various locations and in the mornings, afternoon, evening, and on a weekend and on weekdays.... when is the magical moment?

The giant painted emblems are due in five days. Finally the papie mache has dried enough for me to prime them.

On another note- I sent my first born son to college yesterday... here is a sketch of him in the boarding area. He is a restless young man and I feel he is on the verge of many great adventures.
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