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Friday, August 28, 2009

Painting walkway emblems

I turned the phone off and spent a long inspired night painting the front sides of two of the three emblems commissioned for the performance in October. These will go at the front of each town that promenades across the Hudson river on the opening day of the railroad bridge. The organizers want to make buttons with the images for each group of 50 delegates and so I must simplify the design to read well both 6 feet up in the air and reproduced down to 2 inches on a lapel!
Though I am less than thrilled with the furnace image for Northeast, it is the image that the town historian and the town supervisor prefer me to use. The furnace no longer exists, but represents a major historical industry for the area. The iron product was sent to the Hudson River for transport to market.
I have not spoken to the mayor of Millerton yet about their emblem and plan on keeping the idea to myself (and my blog viewers). I feel strongly that Millerton should be represented by an image of the train station as they took their name from a train engineer who created the route through the area. If anyone in the community feels strongly about any other image I encourage them to come forward and make a flag. I still need a dozen more Millerton and a dozen more Northeast flags to be made! That deadline is September 27th.

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