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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dream Lounge under full moon

This is a chaise lounge chair. ( SOLD- thanks sarah!) If it was only velvety red it would be perfect for a corner of my bedroom. I could "lounge" there all day and read self help books and munch on potato chips while my toe nail polish dried. No seriously- I would, if I owned such a chair, give up the bad habits of self help books! So instead I'd snuggle with my cats and needlepoint pillows with images of my chickens.
Right now, these days, I do not quiete know how to maneuver. I know I am forgeting things and only getting the minimal done- like pick up a son at the train, feed everyone a meal, check the animals. My dreams are quickly filling up with water. I can't see my footing. Everything is about a foot deep under mysterious water. This painting, at 6 x 9 inches of acrylic on wood luan panel, was created today in that dull lull between errands.

Also- my eBay work has been selling. Still great deals. Today a really nice hen is SOLD. If you have a chance, check it out. That reminds me! I have to wrap and ship paintings and presents. My Christmas cards are inevitably turning into New Years cards...
Oh- there is so much to do!!!! Thank goodness there isn't a chair like this to entice me.

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