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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hamster Chronicles

This is an older work- and a memory of past Christmas seasons,
You see, a few years ago- seems like ages- the kid's aunt P showed up Christmas eve with two hamsters as presents. Of course we chided her for bringing live animals into this house... always a risk, and worried about our imminent vacation departure.
The night before we left one of the hamsters, the one named Ray, escaped. We spent hours stumbling across suitcases and Christmas debris trying to corner and catch the little guy. No luck. We left town. While away the remaining hamster, Rowena, gave birth! We returned with the opportunity to philosophize on parenting styles. Seems Rowena also wanted to escape. It was either that or eat her children. I let it become a sleepless battle to keep her and her kids safely contained. One night, in total frustration, we opened the front door and- blizzard not withstanding- she went out. Seems the dad was absentee and she was of the traveling type, as well.
Ahh- holidays can be stressful.
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