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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lady on path with birds and cage

PAINTING DREAM IMAGES. I am haunted by images of figures from my dreams. And though there is much to see with our eyes open I have decided to try to capture some of what I see with my eyes closed.
The lady rushing through the forest with a bird cage is an image that totally changed in the process of putting her on paper. Dreams are elusive enough to describe... painting them is like catching a slippery bug. In the dream I am sure that there were vultures in the trees- but in painting they turned into benign birds. Pigeons? The figure carries a cage and, though I am not sure what is in it, I know it's contents are held gingerly close to her. At first I thought the cage should carry bones... then a singing bird... then a fortune paper uncoiled that spells: LOVE. As it is, I don't know what she carries! I don't know who notices her pass by.
The second image I painted today is something I half saw and half slept through. How many times am I just unaware as I pass through this place? There are visions of quietly paired intimacy all about... Some pairs are lonely with in themselves. I think the name of this image is "Waiting" because the name "waiting for him to say something" is too long.
Both are acrylic on thick arches paper, 7 x 5 inches
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