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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not exactly a holiday picture

MY computer is not recognizing my camera so this photo of this painting, in desparation, was taken using the camera built into the lap top. So it's not cropped well... sorry.
6 x 9 acrylic on primed luan panel.
Trying not to have a pity party... though with all the changes this holiday, I'm feeling sad and short on brilliance. Short on time too. So the idea of crying all day, in a chair with nothing but a box of tissue and a ray of light, is only a fantasy.
Before my computer dies I am hoping to spread the word on my ebay offerings. there is one small chicken painting that is really quiet divine going for $5 tomorrow. It's worth a bit more. Search for Tilly Strauss to see it and others. thanks... and go do the elf thing, create magic for your family, friends and neighbors.
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