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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some review on the past year

My 2009 goals were:
Solidify local networking I exhibited in 11 group shows, 4 public works projects, 2 two person shows, and 2 solo shows! How nice the solo shows were spaced from spring to winter! Hailed as the “town artist” for three area villages and towns (that’s nice about rural areas) As for press coverage I got 8 articles about my work in papers from Poughkeepsie, to Bedford to Millerton. I spoke to two village boards and was on public cable TV. And I have to count the one radio show. One of the public works projects linked a community of 50 artists countywide.

Reach overseas I took a German class, sold two painting to a guy in Brussels, and have two drawings in a show in Berlin right now. Need to do more.

Community service I organized art slide slams, a county wide artist studio tour this fall, did school backdrops for events, window displays for a local non-profit, co-curated a show that got NY Times coverage, donated paintings to non-profits, volunteered in an after school woodshop class, and hosted 5 free community flag making workshops.

Grants and residencies: Though it feels like much more, I applied to at least 16 places or art competitions, and have at least 7 rejections. Three places are still considering. My goal was to apply monthly- and I did that. I have since come to realize that with everyone gone from my home I don’t need a residency- unless it has a valuable networking component, so I probably won’t be as gung ho about applying next year.

Paint 20 hours a week There were weeks I painted over twenty hours and a lot that were less. Completed a lot less paintings than the last year or the year before.

Internet: Web I will have posted work almost 300 times on my blog this year. Started a second one, not as regular but with a few followers, with images from my past as I analyze my marriage. Started posting miniatures on eBay a few weeks ago.
Links I was going to make comments on other blogs and reach out- but frankly had no time. There is no Internet service at my studio. I did write a couple articles for healthybeing blog. I am still a member of I started and forgot about my Etsy account in February. Absolute arts in March, Linkedin in April, Twitter in May, Fineartamerica in June, and recently artslant and Artblogs4U. I refused to do facebook even though I was told that was a great way to keep track of my kids. Haha.

Sell/teach I started teaching my dream job this summer. I have an after school stint with them and promise of work next summer. I also taught a workshop through an adult art school that was very successful. Hope to do it again this spring. I put a sign in front of my studio and now have four adults coming on weekends for 2-hour classes.

Separate studio from house. I moved into a new studio in the spring.

Contact mail list 1x month I didn’t do this as regularly as I hoped. Made two postcards this year. Did 4 e-newsletter type blasts. Had about 45% open click rate on them.

Book- didn’t get there- but last June I had my own room in a huge art mill event and put on a solo show with the one idea I had in mind. I can start to see it- the wall labels are a start! Just last week I made a quick book from CVS of my last solo show before it came down today. I included the explanatory text that I worked so hard on. I may push that further. The info is all there.
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