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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bowing to the light in others

I am playing with this idea of the final Namaste movement in my yoga practice. Michael is a big help. At first he posed...
But then I felt it didn't have that low enough, total supplicant, type of feel to the drawing.
So we tried again. I posed and he drew.

Then I worried more about the light... the reaching towards the light in others...These sketches are all done on brown paper, which makes a good contrasting middle ground to play light and shadow.
Doesn't the figure look like an anatomical heart in a way? Now it felt too outside the light... where is the light in me? This flowing bend is the acknowledgement of the communion of light within us all.
I wanted something with this feel...and this is where Michael took it last night:
I think it is beautiful.
This is the way I can visualize the light within me reaching and touching the light of others.

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