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Sunday, November 24, 2013

rescued by an uplifting weekend

First thing Saturday morning I was invited to attend the ordination of my friend Greg B as he joined the Sacred Order of Episcopal Deacons. The Bishop of Southeast Florida, the Right Reverand Leo Frade, led an inspired service of pomp and ceremony, waving flags and incense, at the Trinity Cathedral in downtown Miami. The church was filled with beautiful mosaics and hearty singing.

Even though my questions of "why do some people suffer, why do we lose loved ones??" were not answered, I was filled with the joy of Greg's attainment. I know he has worked hard, for many years, and patiently. He ministers to the suffering. He is filled with a sense of purpose and selflessness. This day was a milestone and the individual step  of Greg's and six other candidates was wonderfully celebrated in community!
That afternoon, since I was already downtown, I hopped on the Metromover next to the Cathedral and got off at the Miami Dade College Wolfsonian campus stop to enjoy a huge street fair. It was the annual, much anticipated, book fair. I think this was it's 30th year! Michael met me there which was a good thing because he helped carry the books we bought and the flyers we collected. To see so much in print, new books by favorite authors and new authors with books destined to be favorites, was very exciting. The ACLU of Florida had a compelling newsletter and booth. One of the current pressing issues is about the legal rights of the homeless. This is a big thing on my radar, because I now see how forcibly removed the homeless are when big events, such as the soon-to-be-here- Miami-Basel, come to town. I am sending in my dues to join the Miami chapter right away. I have assumed for a long time that someone is looking out for my rights, defending our Bill of Rights, and it is a sobering thought to find it is mostly all volunteers. Yikes.
Then, after that, Michael and I went to my friend Krisse's studio at the ceramic league to see her work. She had an outstanding opening the night before- so packed we were literally out standing in the crowd, unable to really contemplate the work. So this was a nice opportunity to see and discuss her newest sculptures with her. It's a blend of beauty and question... porcelain sculptures that tell as much as they leave out. They are delicate yet vitrified, colorless yet filled with light. We can't wait to see more... I hear there is a show at the Deering in early December.

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