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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Head gear for the truly naked at heart

Everyday I try to remember to put on my armor that wards off negativity. Imagine me behind a shield of white light, maybe. But then, from inside the safe zone, I start worrying about things I have no control over and my thoughts get all sticky and sad... It becomes hard to move and, perhaps because of the salt in my eyes, there is no clear vision. I don't want to paint. Wearing shoes, driving to work, answering the phone seems dangerous! In fact, I really shouldn't get out of bed.

One of my students, Sarah L., is going through a ton of trauma and, one day in class, she painted a picture that tells the story... in a different way. I really love it.

I keep exploring how we are to get through real sadness... whether as a community responding to a bullying event, or on a personal level when someone you love is fearfully sick. There is both real powerlessness and the power of faith. I want to understand. I want to understand and help.
I want to see the grace hidden in these I better, for lack of any other idea, take off the head gear to do it.
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