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Monday, November 4, 2013

lucky in love

It's an anniversary date today and it blows my mind to think what things would be like if I had to live without Michael. He is the easiest person to live with. He makes each day an adventure, in a good way. The days start and end with a healthy dose of laughter, and real kindness... (well--- maybe most on his part as I can be grouchy in the mornings). It's a lot of fun. He is a great listener and story teller so we don't need a TV. We both love watching the colors and shapes of clouds so, when we get older and can't walk, we can just face out the window and we'll be happy. We love discussing and researching new ideas, hot topics, and old assumptions. I love the way he prioritizes big things and celebrates small things. I love the way he looks when he reads. I love the way he presents the hot cup of latte to me every morning. When we are apart from each other I remember most of all the words he says as I go out the door, or hear over the phone, or read on a note: Go easy.

It's so easy to love him. Here we are at the Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, a great place for art and tapas in Miami.
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