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Sunday, December 8, 2013

a walk on the wild side

Wynwood this weekend has gone crazy... the regular monthly art night has stretched through out the fair week. Restaurant help and security guards look exhausted.  On every corner new painted walls are springing up... and artists are spray painting in the dark anything that moves- like this parked cement truck. We followed the beer sign and found a "pop up biergarden" with paint for each picnic table to be decorated while you drank.
Everybody who has wheels has it retrofitted with a loud amplifier and turned it into a Mad Max creation. I am too shy to photograph the people... the night was punctuated with flashes as everyone snapped photos... a majority of regular looking dudes photographing the sprinkling of lovelies that are just as colorful and shocking as the imagination.

Miami written in the teeth and bones of artworks... Food trucks, aromatic pushcarts and stomping street corner dancers, drunken frat boys and bristling gangsters, Latina babes in HIGH highheels pushing babes in strollers, cops with poker faces, and swelling gutters of plastic trash.
It's a city of searching dreams and lit up debris

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