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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Making an blanket of love

Last week I decided to try to make a blanket as a gift for an ailing friend. Like the prayer I ask for, where I request a bright yellow light to "wrap my friend in health", I decided to make a soft one myself. A literal manifestation.
At first, I was way over my head. When I went to Joanne's Fabrics I wished I had my stepmother with me to help. (But she wasn't in Miami. She's snowed in at her farm up north.) I picked two of the SOFTEST no pill plush fabrics to use. Then I swept out my studio and laid the fabric on the floor.
I sandwiched two pieces of fabric together and trimmed the top one to match the bottom one...which was a mistake because the two pieces got smaller and smaller until it seemed as is if I was making a shawl instead of a blanket!
Then I went for the
"no sew" method of creating a double blanket by cutting fringes all around the perimeter that could be tied together. The top fabric is a dark polka pattern. (this view is the underside)
The job was hard with dull scissors until I retrieved a friends rotary blade.
After the knots were tied, I chose an orange yellow embroidery thread to sew in the words of prayer. Michael wanted to help. For three nights we sat together and embroidered words such as: Love, Health, Healing, Light, Power, Strength, Breath, Hope, Pax, Now...
Thank goodness for Utube. I thought I knew how to embroider, but I was making "chicken scratch". After a couple viewings, we got right into the swing of it. Each stitch, though not perfect, was certainly a prayer.
We love Ben.
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