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Saturday, December 14, 2013

I feel like this frat boy

It was just the other day my head snapped forward from a sudden drowsing off at 4pm in the afternoon. There is a fine line between me and the plaster sculpture by Nicole Eisenman, seen at the shared fair display of the Koenig and Clinton Gallery, NYC. "Working from the heart and driven by the body, Nicole Eisenman explores the human condition in her critically acclaimed works. As she explains: “I reflect a certain desire in my work, I want my work to be authentic and reflective of my body, what it’s interested in. The work is nothing if not feeling-based.” She reminds me a bit of the abstract expressionist turned cartoonist, Philip Guston.
I feel as though I only have one eye open, with need of sleep and a good scrubbing shower. My energy level is way, way low. I think I may have drunk too much wine last night. A third glass?
At work we made it through the last week of this semester's classes and the first half of the exams. I proctor. While doing so I make lists, search through art supply catalogues, write student recommendations, and give the kids the "evil eye". Between exams and after school I work at cleaning out my classroom, consolidating the paint supply, soaking and renewing the brushes, clearing the racks of orphan artworks, and checking out the links in old emails I never have had time for. Still come home exhausted.
Is it really almost Christmas? It looks like summer through my windshield in Miami.
Now, I have made my lists and it is the weekend... and I find excuses not to shop. The malls are anthill metropolises. I am afraid of maneuvering through the parking lots. Michael had his car totaled there a few weeks ago by someone who was in a rush to get into Saks.
I keep thinking I just might find the time, the right idea and the energy to make something...Something for everyone on my list! Meanwhile I just have to take a quick snooze before...

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