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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fair game

Attending as many art fairs as possible in just a few days, I have come to the shocking realization that my body and mind are often disconnected. I admit that standing in front of a work of art can be a visceral experience, but most often it is an intellectual tease, a visual piece of candy, or a mental conundrum. It is when I leave, get to the cafe, take a seat and then rise again that I feel my aching legs and feet. This has been a weekend of pilgrimage... walking for miles and standing for hours searching for that "elevatory" moment when the creative spirit lifts us and defines a moment in Time.
I've given my students a scavenger hunt, and decide to try it myself.
A modern work of art that utilizes aerial and linear perspective, and I truly love... Ashenbecher, oil on paper by 30year old Berlin artist Pius Fox. I caught up with his gallery, Pablo's Birthday from Brooklyn NY, Friday night at the Ice Palace/ PULSE fair.
I have also found that once I leave my ego and insecurities behind, I love the fairs. It is such a wonderful thing to have so many various galleries from around the world displaying their stuff and sharing a passion for the creative mind. there are a ton of ideas... in fact, words continue to be big. They are in neon, in paint, on posters and stickers and in this flashing mirror...

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