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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Basel parties start with a student show

I was kind of serious when I jested with my students that I was totally jealous they had a show this week in Miami. Everybody who is anybody wants to be hanging now. It's Miami Basel week. You get a sense that the whole art world is converging on South Beach, and that there are parties of the very rich with the very infamous that only my nemesis's get invited to. I'm too busy with my day job to deal with evening traffic and those pesky high heels. I have to settle for twitter pics and day-after gossip. And a sense of invisibility and irrelevance. But that is alright, I tell myself, because I have my health and a great job, a fun partner and wonderful sons. Not much more to ask for!

Here is a shot of part of the installation at the Espirito Santa Bank's "Future of Art" show in Brickell. My presence was there. I am the penguin stranded in a shallow pool of melting ice flow in the middle of the room. Those are my students standing by their works.

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