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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Entranced by Oka Doner's terrazzo floor at Miami airport

My earliest and best memories of travel are of holding onto my mothers hand and watching my glossy black Maryjane shoes leap across the checker board squares of the Miami International airport. And listening to the click-clack sounds of my heels. 

The floor is gone, but there are still delights at the airport.

A Walk on the Beach, 1995 - 1999
Artist: Michele Oka Doner
Medium: Epoxy terrazzo, bronze, mother-of-pearl
Level 2 (past security)
Long walks along Miami’s beaches observing shells, seaweed, and other marine forms deposited by the tides inspired this monumental site-specific art installation. A Walk on the Beach, a half-mile-long walkway featuring two thousand unique cast bronze elements embedded in a dark gray terrazzo matrix, celebrates the saltwater plants and vertebrate creatures inhabiting South Florida’s shallow coastal waters. Scatterings of mother-of-pearl create a richness of texture and reference the sea foam at the water’s edge. (from the Miami airport press release)

Maybe it is an upgrade of my memories... I love this movement underfoot.

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