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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Healing my heart the art way

I went to my studio today and spent 6 hours carving, printing and painting the story of how I felt inside. All my family seems to be well (though in some shock, of course) having survived the night in Paris. My french niece reminds me that this night of bombing and shooting is an anomaly to us, yet we are part of a country that has, as policy, done this regularly to other less televised cities. Of course we are after "bad guys", yet good people are part of the "collateral damage". What she is saying is that we should be this distraught for others, and more often. The Syrian refugees are not traveling to Europe on a whim. They are fleeing consistent atrocities like the ones in Paris last night. It is really hard. I cannot put into words how I feel about where we are and what should happen next. I am so grateful to have the luxury of a studio and the time to work it out there.

This is what I ended up with-a three part linoleum print titled "My heart was far away last night". It is for my aunt Eva and uncle Michel.

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