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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Field Exhibition part of the South Florida Art Center "art crawl"

Tomorrow- Wednesday- from 6 to 10pm the "fielders" will have their art on display on the second floor of the art center.  Once a week for the last 8 weeks I have gotten together with several other artists to hone our observational skills, and share insights into each other's works. There will be at least two performances in the course of the evening. I hope people stop by. I am also looking forward to time hanging with my new buddies: Enma Saiz- social activist and painter, Ariel Robbins- post photographer, Veronica Fazzio- performance artist, Pedro- painter of etherial abstractions, Eric Green- spontaneous performance artist, Oscar Fuentes - our leader and poet performer, Elysa Batista- wordsmith, Susan Feliciano- mermaid artist, Sharon- painter of canine and people portraits, Heloisa- collage artist from Brazil, and Deming- maker of the trippy photoshop images in Carnival Cruise line elevators.
setting up for the critique

The Field is a nation wide program that provides
"a unique forum for artists to share developing creative works and exchange feedback, peer to peer. The FieldWork structure reveals how each piece is perceived by others and fosters a detailed information exchange. Incisive and stimulating critiques are guided by an experienced facilitator. Comments focus on what’s happening in the work and how each choice shapes the work, keeping the authorship of   the artist constantly supported. FieldWork cultivates insight into composition and strengthens one’s ability to give critical commentary." 
Over the 8 weeks I found the workshop very inspiring and invigorating to my art practice. I wanted to present new work each week so I had to fit in time in my studio even though it was a busy time at my teaching job. I reworked at least one piece because of the feedback. Here is some of the work I finished:

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