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Friday, November 27, 2015

Wynwood is a little thin on the magic this year

Took my annual bike ride through Wynwood to see all the pre-Basel artists at work on the streets. Last year this time the place was hopping. Not so, this year. There were a few artists at work, more women than before, but many walls were behind fences and being prepped for "live action painting parties". Some walls were out and out selling... directing you to a gallery down the road, or advertizing a new brand of Italian spray paint.
Selling his brand of paint

Tati Suarez, a local girl and PTS grad!

New restaurant shout-out

yea, that's how I feel

What is he doing?
What was striking was all the construction going on. There is building everywhere. Empty spaces are being refurbished, and new buildings are squeezing in between lots. Most of the cherry picker lifts were for the construction, not the painters! The (over) development is getting crazy. I hear rents have skyrocketed. Artists and galleries serious about making a living have moved away.

There is a woman painting behind that fence
Unfortunately, I got a roofing nail in my tire crossing Miami avenue., aka Tony Goldman Way.
Mural from years past
Old offering...we loved how the tree and the wall had the same palette, a blending of art/city/nature.

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