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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bringing the art supplies to the kids of Haiti

A group of us from Miami are traveling to the countryside of Haiti to deliver paints and inks and facilitate a day of art in the lives of 300 young students. It is kind of like Frederic the Mouse in the book by Leo Lionni. It's a story about a mouse who loiters in the sunshine when all the other mice are scurrying to gather supplies for the winter hibernation. Frederic seems to be spacing out on all the beauty surrounding him. the winter supplies eventually run low, the mice turn on Frederic and demand that he share his portion of the gathering... and that is when Frederic composes poems and prose to describe the colors of spring, the warmth of summer and the miracles of fall... and it is in this way the community is sustained through the darkest times of winter.

Bringing art supplies to Haiti feels a little like this... bringing sunshine to the starving malnourished populace... hoping to hand them some inspirational tools and feed them beauty. We just must try to do the next right thing.
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