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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Haiti: an island journey

I have only been back to the island 4 times since leaving in 1971 after living there for several years. I feel I grew up in Haiti and acquired my taste for color, for sounds and the smells of the Caribbean that have haunted me ever since. I felt privileged to be able to travel back with a group of 8 high school students and two other teachers. Everyone was excited. The students and I were wide awake...

No surprise, as we drove north out of Port-au-Prince, that I felt whiffs of "home". The road conditions, the further from the capital got more ludicrous and laughable! Switchbacks and hairpin turns with three vehicles vying for a single lane... we went over the mountains, rumbles up against cliffs, shot across valleys... The memories!

poultry in motion
rice fields

Is this even a road?

beautiful orange flower captured as we got stuck...
As I exclaimed over a yellow Suessical flower, aiming my camera at it, we became stuck. Our vehicle soon lost traction and became suspended half over a rock and a ledge, so we had to bail. We ended up having to walk in the drizzly rain the last mile to our destination. It took the village to pull the car out and get our 22 duffle bags and our 11 personal bags delivered to us.
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