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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Student to student lesson in stencil and printmaking

Sharing all the paint and ink, the paper and cardboard, the sponges and rollers, the glue and tape... and THEN showing them different techniques of how to use it all was a thrill for both my 8 students and the 300 students of Lamecette

Art is so important for everyone and especially students. It is another language to express themselves, and it is a place to take risks, play and discover. I hope the teachers at Lamecette are able to keep using the materials in innovative ways to keep the inspiration flowing. I think they will. It's in the Haitian blood to be creative and drawn to embellishment. The houses are painted with flowers and stripes. In fact the teachers were so rapt in the process they ignored the kids and stayed painting for the whole time we were there!
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