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Monday, May 3, 2010

I am so very thankful for all the artists in the area.

What incredible diversity and talent. And also- people are so kind! Here I am with the main man, the one who keeps the lists and believes- Mark Liebergall.
What a weekend!

Yesterday two- no three- great highlights for me:
While sitting on the front porch of the 14th colony exhibit I overheard a visitor say "there's a daily painter in here"- I blurted an interruption, "Who!?" (because I saw Jaime Grossman's work at the Maplebrook Show and I wondered if Gretchen Kelly had slipped some work by me. But he said, "Tilly Strauss"! I said, "That's me!". Turns out my new friend Steve is a local professor and a DP follower! His wife says he starts his mornings that way- checking the site with his coffee! Isn't that cool?
Second highlight- one of the cutest 6 year olds I have seen was lazily kicking the dust in the doorway while his mom, fellow artist Austin-Rolo was working the crowd. So, in the matter of distraction (for the both of us) I asked the child what his favorite work was- besides his mother's of course... and he thought for a moment and tilted his head and said, "the one with the eggs in the hair". I just could have squeezed him! After I told him it was mine- he talked non stop... and what a mind that kid has! I am so honored by him.
The third thing is... just as artist Svede showed up to pick up his work a friend of mine interested in fly fishing (life and art) came by and I was able to introduce them! Very serendipitous. Both Svede and I have work hanging this week in Cornwall Ct- I am hanging this morning in the Iron Bank and he is to be in the library. More on that later!!!! Got to go....
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