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Monday, May 10, 2010

RIP: Henrietta, Blondie, and GoldieHen

Sometime between midnight at 6am it must have happened. Blondie has completely dissapeared and I figure she, as perpetual bottom of the pecking order, was pushed in front as a sacrificial offering. But the others were found lying in and outside the cage. The surviving three (Lydia, Stahford and Redhen) seem stricken with near paralysis. I contemplate the horror that must have happened with both my imagination and an artistic eye and then berate myself for thinking of injustices. What do I expect? I have delicate domestic fowl in mobile metal cages and the fox and raccoon have spring babies to feed. One little opening under the edge is an invitation to dine. This is balancing the impulisive decision to purchase chicks last week. My 6 chicks inside the house, under lamps, seem nothing short of McNuggets.
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