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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

For the moment

watercolor and ink are the major means of gathering my thoughts and finding color in the shadows. There are challenges to any trip... from language barriers, signs to be deciphered, suitcases to balance, daily menus to embrace, histories to comprehend, and personal space to be relented. Max asks me what I like about travel and I have to say it makes me feel more comfortabe in my skin- I see variety in the flora and fauna and an incredible array of fashion and mannerisms of the humans... and it makes "exception the rule". So I can be who I am without fear of being outcast. By the very nature of being outside your home zone you are "outcast" and, with that, comes a freedom to be yourself.
Also- I have moments where I can just sit still, or lay in a hammock and that never happens when I am home.
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