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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Signs of a silver lining

Having spent a lot of time recently on the road and, (not at the same time) on the computer, I have come to conclude that, as the experts say, the signs are clear. Amid all this inner and outer turmoil there is a silver lining. I can be grateful for my grief. A friend, Sarah Bowie has just added a "grateful for" and a "grieving for" section on her blog. Its brought about a whole new picture for me of who we struggle to be...the questions of gratitude for the minute thing or grief despite the blessing thing. Make a list and see what is shallow and what is deep. Even I can see myself in a new light. I am probably not done grieving the great things of my past, but the road today (thank God) moves forward and there is a new landscape to explore. Long roads, new landscapes, enticing doors, lost luggage... it's all about me! Divorce document#30
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