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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pit of Despair

First painting in ages... it's therapeutic for me. Organizing my studio table and uncovering old CD's... I put Shania Twain on and it was an immediate "call to brushes". I also uncovered a printed email from Steve, with the subject line "the Trap", written in 2007. He says: "Death is natural, and the closer it gets the more peaceful it seems. Easy to say that now of course, it's still far enough away. I would like you to be here when it happens. And, unlike Johnny, there won't be a single thing for you to feel guilty about. You've been an incredible friend. In some parallel universe we'll be laughing and painting for eons."
I have friends who are capable of sinking under an emotional mental weight and finding it impossible to lift themselves out of bed. I've been there.
I want to, as Steve says, be laughing and painting...
For the first time in a month my house is empty and I am able to nap when I get home from work and then paint all night. Need to kick start myself here! 7 x 5 inches mixed media on wood.
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