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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hen under bright light

My hens have quit laying eggs this week. I know it is a normal, and hopefully temporary, reaction to the weather and the season. I have a lightbulb installed on a timer- and it is the most frustrating newfangled contraption... I can't tell if the light will go on at 3pm and off at 8 or on at 2am and off at 5am... There are dials that rotate counter clockwise with in dials that rotate clockwise. The numbers listed go 2, 6, 10, 2, 6, 10, etc... My brother the engineer will be at the farm for Thanksgiving. I will have to ply him with wine and see if I can weedle him up here to look at this thing.
Meanwhile- I paint voodoo... a glorious domesticated hen in all her purple feathery finery sitting on a mound of pale prism colored eggs!
6 x 6 inches, wood panel.
By the way- I visited the Rhinebeck Art Store today to pick up my Sinterklaas canvas... and wow! What a place. It is much larger than it looks with lots of "secret" rooms full of discounted canvas, and basement displays of glorious paint, and little nooks with great kid gift craft items. The owner, Doug Shippee, had some of his own oil paintings displayed on the walls. I liked them. I liked the place a lot.
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