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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ice Cream oil paintings at freezer prices

Ya! Remember when I painted an ice cream sundae every Sunday for 30 weeks? I have about 15 left in the cabinets. 
Confession: I am at times overwhelmed with re-inventing a marketing plan. It's not enough to paint every day- I have to balance the invitations to exhibit, donate works, create window dressings, post on line, show up at gallery openings, and teach for a minimum, all "for exposure". Seems as though in any other business I'd be making money. 
Is the answer to lower prices even more? To paint a new line of smaller works? To go back to eBay? To get a full time job out of the studio? To flag down patrons on the highway?
I am feeling down. All this running about looking for new doors makes me feel as though my feet aren't even on the ground.
Here are the remaining small 4 x 4 x 2 inch oil paintings from my Sunday Sundae painting series. 
I'll take offers of any amount for purchase. and promise not to feel an insult taken. I believe we are all struggling financially. All of us are in different boats but on the same lake.
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