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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A LITTLE faith/ hope/ charity with three french hens

On veterans day no less! We need a little Faith, Hope and Charity. thats what the Three French hens in the 12 days of christmas represent. 
Working on a window display for Hudson winter walk. This goes in one window of a clothing store. Ros Ollivierra’s Omnia Nouveaux (238 Warren), joins the ranks of used and vintage clothing stores, although you’d never know it. Ros mixes high quality vintage with new pieces, at varying price points.

So be sure to check out the wndows next week- here is a sneal peak, 
I am blessed to have attended a nice ceremony in town (just outside my studio practically)! The boy scouts showed drawings of how the American flag has changed over time. It was a nice job.
Have spent the day cleaning my desk and organizing and working on conceptualizing some themes... going to open a "backroom store" and offer FREE GIFT WRAPPING with any purchases.

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