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Thursday, November 19, 2009

soul searching art therapy

A long time ago I must have painted this. I can feel the despair in my soul just looking at it. The painting has lots of textural qualities though it is painted flat acrylic on canvas board. 
Today I work harder at setting up appointments with God. I hand over my worries in the morning and during the day I search for pauses where I invite God into my life. Its like a hide and seek game where I know the Presence will be felt at some point, with some vision, through some act of kindness, a manifest miracle. I just have to be aware. At night I say my gratitude list. I do not think I could paint another painting like this one since I have really changed so much since then. If I did one today I'd have to paint about the words, "God is everywhere".
16 x 12 inches.
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