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Friday, November 6, 2009

NEST on Fire

9 1/4 inch by 8 1/4 inch acrylic on birch luan panel
Reminded of a sermon (at last spring during Pentecost- when pastor Bruce said "sometimes you have to burn the nest to be free to fly". Or something like that.
This small painting took me more than a few days to get looking "right'. I'm afraid with all my concentration on the heat, I may have lost the spiral shaping of the nest.
Last week I delivered six small paintings to Kenise Barnes Fine Art- a delightful little gallery in Larchmont, NY. It's been located on Palmer Avenue for the last 14 years- a lovely strip of shops and restaurants. It would be awesome if someone who reads this actually went there and ASKED to see my work.
I also went to New York City and dined with uncles, aunts and cousins and, as a trustee of a charitable organization I gave away more money than I can dream of making.
Back at home, I've cut some large 32 x 24 inch panels and primed them. My hope is to REALLY paint out the empty nests in my heart, head, soul and eyes. I know I should be making nicer pictures, and these are holding me up in some sort of funky sad way.
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