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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wine, fruit and phone with text

Well- I'd like to call this something more like: spirits, seeds, and connection. But I am told to be more simple and visually analytical when posting an image to the search engine so... people can find it!
I was thinking of my sweet sister-friend Lise when I painted this... flanked by her daughter and listening to Haitian music in the studio this rainy afternoon.I know Lise loves papaya... and I know she misses her past, her parents. Would a phone call help? 
Then I added random text from the headlines box. I swear, whoever is doing the headlines at the Los Angeles Times has to be a deep and dark person. The headlines are often a blatant cry for help. So I think.
I like the banner about picking life OR money. It is so true for me right now. 
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