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Monday, November 23, 2009

Heron frog meal landscape painting


I am going to make a commitment to auction small works through eBay for the next 6 months. This is a bit risky. I can do anything though if I believe it is for a finite period... I will consider stopping on my aunt Lois's birthday next June. Meanwhile you have a wonderful opportunity to obtain quality work, whimsical expressions, for under budget costs. Please check out my auction art on ebay; search for paintings under "Tilly Strauss". Right now this heron is a 6 x 4 inch stretched canvas miniature.
Did I ever post what happened in fourth grade between me and Tommy B. and his frog collection? It was an afternoon when I had to walk home from school. I was Just Today lamenting all the cars parked at ends of roads waiting for bus drop offs so that kids wouldn't have to walk up a hill to their house. I was telling my son how great it is to have a time of transition- a time to day dream and get fresh air after leaving school and it's inherent stress and before entering the home and a whole new set of expectations. No one walks home anymore! Then... I remembered the walk when Tommy got my cousin and I trapped in the orange grove. I have a thing about frogs now... years of therapy probably wouldn't cure me... but Painting can! Oh yes... Well. enough of that- go check out my auction site PLEASE.
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