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Friday, February 26, 2010

The income stream challenge

Does it have to be dark and soul searching?
Most of my work has been under priced when considering the time and energy that goes into making even a simple painting. Because I am spending this snow day crafting cover letters to acquire an additional job, I know that soon I will be painting less. Some of the new work in the studio is much larger and more time this one, which is still being worked on.
So, if we lighten up a bit and focus on accessibility...
A lot of people find that when they can't afford an original painting, they can afford prints and cards. does an excellent job creating custom order prints of my images. They can make matted and framed images or wrap around high quality prints on canvas. Please consider the selection of work I have on my site there. And if you see a work on my website or in this blog that you'd like a print of- let me know. I might be able to upload the file to FineArtAmerica and enable you to buy a less expensive version through them. Also- for the next couple months I will still be submitting old works to my ebay auction site. Search for me by name.
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