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Friday, February 5, 2010

Two wings change the message

Last night I kept considering the one winged woman... and, so, using the paint leftover on my palette, en-route to clean my brushes, I launched in and drew another wing for her. Now she can fly! I also added more "roads" down by her feet. Unfortunately, today I see that the word "message" that was prominent across the sky now reads simply as "mess". Ain't that the truth. Once she starts to move there are messes to consider.
This painting has unfolded as my inner psych revealed itself. I started it just praying for a message. Reading and praying and painting. Searching for signs, paths, and answers. It's kind of awful as a work of art that way... I personally hate looking at self centered self absorbed self portraits... This just had to come out. I couldn't hold it in. I will probably hang it in the bathroom, somewhere private...
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