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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Package and letters

How do we squeeze everything we have into tiny spaces... speaking of such as a gift from our heart held in a pair of hands? It must be about distilling things down to their essence. That is, for me, what challenges the artist. Often it doesn't work to try to put too much into a blog post or a painting or a package. Things have to be added and edited, swirled about, and sifted.
This package arrived unannounced and without fan fair and sat on my desk for a few days. I was struck by it's promise. A bit hesitant to break the spell. And when I finally opened it, there was the most incredible gift. A nest! Imagine a clay nest arriving in the mail. Empty but for an image of a house and the word, "if". (Thank you Krisse!)
This is a sewn and painted piece of heavy Arches paper. The photo shows a glare from the camera flash. The sewn words are a bit glossy from the magazine finish. Measures 6 x 7.5 inches.
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