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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Intentional art inside the shell.

Yesterday and today's egg have yolks of faith and blessings. Festooned with sequins, gold "lace" and an image of a queen, one egg reminds me that I have riches at hand to feel special. Everyone should have days when they feel like royalty, like a Queen, like you are special. So that egg was yesterday. (I took off the later half of the day to eat well and watch a movie with a friend). Today's egg has a sheep in it... (and chickens and flowers)... and it is to remember to be faithful. Even though I am powerless over what life has to offer, I can have faith, like the sheep in his Shepard, that my needs will be met, that I will be guided, and that help will arrive when needed.
So the four eggs stand in a row: a little faith, more time, wakening powers, personal riches. The photography is hard. The craft is so-so. The intention is alive.
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