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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm so freaking excited!

How to Bury a Friend (in the abbreviated version) is hanging at the Miami-Dade Public library today!
It took years to realize and now I know the whole series is a project on the road to becoming a book. The moment I saw the labels yesterday, in English AND Spanish, I was thrilled. (I want to get them done in Kreyol.)

Oscar Fuentes (the Biscayne Poet) did the installation. I assisted and, though we had two days, we finished it in one day, from 10 am to 5 pm... The library lent me the plexiglass and printed all the text. Oscar will go back tomorrow and patch up some holes and add the main signage, and perhaps a table of books... the ones Steve and I enjoyed, as his life came to closure.

To see the thirty two paintings lined up with their own space almost brought me to tears. While hanging it I shared stories with Oscar of Steve, Jen, my divorce, and the transformative process of wallowing in grief and coming to find the spirit too robust to stay sad forever. I'm convinced it is against our human nature to stay miserable. To do so, you have to work at it. You have to be blind to the small miracles and ungrateful for the continual blessings of Life.
 I'm so grateful for Oscar!
The gallery space is right off the lobby by the computer banks of the Hispanic branch of the public library. It's in "Little Havana". 1398 SW First Street. I guess I should mention that there will be an artist talk and art-making workshop on Saturday May 21st.
The show runs through August 12th.
It is so beautiful, I hope people can see it.

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