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Friday, March 11, 2016

Michael's ice and corn bouquet

Michael is perfecting a table top sculpture for the Tigertail party tonight! He is using Styrofoam, glass, corn, ice filled balloons, and a spigot to make a commentary on WATER....which is this year's theme for the Tigertail Company. I am always in awe of how Michael makes his art. Where does it come from? How does he come up with these ideas? I know he has been doing a lot of writing and is very concerned with the environment and the basic needs we have for food and water.
Recently Michael was a recipient of a grant for professional development by the organization. He received travel money for a workshop or residency. tonight kicks off a month long event-filled calendar of art, poetry readings, contemporary dance, chance orchestrations of music, films, and an art flotilla parade on the Miami river!!!They have helped over 900 artists from Miami and beyond realize their dreams and reach their goals.
Check it out:
the back side

My sister says it looks like a rooster!?
I will post more pictures of the sculpture at the event, as the sculpture transforms in the Miami heat.
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