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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Miami vernacular

Last night I handed out at least 6 cards about my show  that just opened at the Hispanic branch of the public library with...THE WRONG ADDRESS!!!
I keep getting Miami streets and avenues, roads and places, etc, mixed up and it can make a BIG difference. You have to be clear down here, or you end up in the wrong quadrant staring across the expanse of the Everglades looking for a frame shop, or perched at the edge of the Biscayne surf contemplating the sinking feeling of having to make it through traffic in the other direction.
Luckily, my printed cards have not been sent to the printers, yet- so all is not lost. (Just 6 people).

entry poster
I'm so proud of how the show looks and of having the text in Spanish and English.
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