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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boxes full of promise

Starting a new semester with thirty new (to me) high school students, I went right for the paint. Might as well get everyone wet! The kids are instructed to grab an apron and a viewfinder upon entering the room. This first assignment was just about getting them to look closer at a mundane object like a cardboard box and make a work of art. I limited the pallet for them.
Today, a week after starting, we had a long critique and searched for redeeming qualities and differences. Isn't it nice that everyone has their own way of seeing and their own emphasis in lines? Some were heavily outlined, a few had successful implied lines and a few soley composed by edges of shapes.
I asked them to think more of their value choices. Look for tiny hits of extreme dark and lights to pump up mid-value paintings. They should not be afraid of the dark- or the light! Its the mid range cautious paintings that will bore me. I picked 7 to put in the glass case outside. Can you guess which ones?

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