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Friday, January 27, 2012

Where I sleep

#draw365 #dailypainters

Michael is so kind to me. He says we need to dream- it's paramount to our well-being. I dream when I paint. So here I sit in a small 6 x 6 inch panel, between sunrise and moon set with a good book in my hand and a garden at my feet. I tried to capture the light I see coming through the palm trees on my way to work every morning. At that point I am heading due east to the water and facing the sunrise. The foliage is visually distorted by the rays of light. Of course I can't paint it while I am driving... so it's a memory by the time I can put it down. In fact by that time the idea of WHERE I SLEEP is a fantasy, like the pea pods under my mattress, and the moon sliver caught in the vines and my funny looking swollen feet!
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