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Monday, January 2, 2012

Cleansing for the new year

The rhythmic swinging of a broom in use is meditative and cathartic. It is a powerful tool to start and to end something. Spent much of the last few days sweeping out the cobwebs, vacuuming up tracks, and mopping out the holiday grime. In addition to doing the housework, my partner and I embarked on a cleansing diet. It consisted of gallons of hot lemon water and other juices consumed in 48 hours. I'm drinking tea today, a little scared of slipping on the polished floors and passing out under the weight of a piece of celebratory wheat toast.

I've painted brooms in the past... my favorites were in 2007 when I used them to honor the deep friendships that developed through cosmic passing, and also when I looked at what I needed to get rid of in my life. (Clean Sweep).

Small panel with paint and gold leaf (about 9 x 6 inches)
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